Welcome to

Our newest additions to the Restless Shores neighborhood.

Vancouver, Canada; Markham, Ontario; Sarnia; Whitby, Ontario; Deventer, Netherlands; San Sebastian, Puerto Rico; Blackheath, United Kingdom; Bristol, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; Plymouth, United Kingdom; Banbury, United Kingdom; Bakersfield, California; Rio Dell, California; Riverside, California; Clearwater, Florida; Palm Bay, Florida; Pooler, Georgia; Plainfield, Illinois; Cherryfield, Maine; Dresden, Maine; Friendship, Maine; Stetson, Maine; Canton, Massachusetts; North Attleborough Center, Massachusetts; Morristown, New Jersey; Sparta, New Jersey; Binghamton, New York; Depew, New York; Geneva, New York; Kiryas Joel, New York; Bethlehem,  Pennsylvania; Salt Lake City, Utah; Newport News Virginia; and Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

Thank you for joining us.

In good company

“Of the 750,000 podcasts available from Apple, DeForge said the only other soap opera she found during a recent search was ‘The Archers,’ a British radio show also available on podcast.” Ray Routhier quoting Traci DeForge in his article, “From a living room in West Bath, a soap opera unfolds for download.”

The Archers debuted in 1950 and began broadcasting nationally January 1951. Three years later it had a listenership of approximately 9 million. It holds several records and in 2019 gained the designation of “the second greatest radio program of all time.” The Archers have no problem with the title ‘soap opera.’

We feel honored indeed and humbled to be rubbing podcast soap opera shoulders with such a prestigious production. Thank you for paving our way.

Welcome to

Gelsenkirchen, Germany; Pulheim, Germany; Netanya, Israel; L’hospitalet De Liobregat, Spain; Beysehir, Turkey; Berkeley, California; Carson, California; Chula Vista, California; Golden Gate, Florida; Pensacola, Florida; Lithia Springs, Georgia; Cape Neddick, Maine; Round Pond, Maine; Catonsville, Maryland; Potomac, Maryland; Middleborough, Massachusetts; Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; Buffalo, Minnesota; Eagan, Minnesota; Paradise, Nevada; Ocean Acres, New Jersey; Franklin, North Carolina; Hough, Ohio; Kinzers, Pennsylvania; Sandy, Utah; Ferrisburgh, Vermont; Leesburg, Virginia; Norfolk, Virginia; Charleston, West Virginia; Mazomanie, Wisconsin; and Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Thanks for walking along Restless Shores.

And the gifts just keep on coming

Our thanks to Ray Routhier for the Portland Press Herald article, From a living room in West Bath, a soap opera unfolds for download.

Mr. Routhier consulted Florida podcast expert, Traci DeForge and included the following

“Their download numbers show they have a sustainable record of loyal engagement,” DeForge said about “Restless Shores.” “That’s a big benefit for advertisers.”

Thank you fans for creating a “sustainable record of loyal engagement” for Restless Shores.

BOOM! We’re at 49.

You gave us the perfect gift to commemorate our first year. We broke into the top 50 on iTunes last night. Seriously, how did all you fans know what we wanted for the holidays? Thank you so much!

The numbers speak for themselves. Every member of the cast and crew of Restless Shores thanks you for letting us touch the sky.

Please continue to tell your friends and leave reviews. With your help we can achieve even more.

Celebrating our first year.

We just sent off payroll for December, which closes out our first year of production. You have listened, left reviews, and sent your good wishes along to us. As we look back on the accomplishments and lessons learned in our walk along Restless Shores, we know that it is our fans that have propelled us this far. Thank you.

If you have some time during the end of the year holidays, please take a few moments to leave a five-star rating on iTunes or even a written review. We are so appreciative and do love to read them.

Also, Rhonda’s babies need a name. So, imposing upon you a bit more, please give us a hand in finding the perfect ones by clicking on the Name the Babies link. Winners get an official Restless Shores hat!

We look forward to next year with joy.

We’ve read the scripts, and we know that, thanks to the pen of Greg Tulonen, things are going to be even more Restless.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

We have some new cities in our growing neighborhood.

Parramatta, Australia; Winnipeg, Canada; Scarborough, Canada; Prague, Czechia; Paris, France; Maastricht, Netherlands; Berkel en Rodenrijs, Netherlands; Arequipa, Peru; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Sollentuna, Sweden; Prestwich, England; Martinez, California; Bridgport, Connecticut; Hartford, Connecticut; Ocala, Florida; Sarasota, Florida; Fairbury, Nebraska; Boone, North Carolina; Lorain, Ohio; Strongsville, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Edmond, Oklahoma; Hazleton, Pennsylvania; Everett, Washington; Spokane Valley, Washington.

Welcome to Restless Shores!

The 139

We want to acknowledge the 139 fans who downloaded Episode 1 “The Bill Comes Due” last week. You may be fans who started by listening to more recent drops and wanted to start from the beginning. Thank you for sticking with us. It may be that you are new listeners. Thank you for taking your time to walk with us along Restless Shores!

In addition, we want to highlight the following new download cities:

Vila Velha, Brazil; Rimouski, Canada; Kariya, Japan; Balzan, Malta; Birkirkara, Malta; Nuevo Leon, Mexico; Bergen, Norway; Oslo, Norway; Salcedo; Philippines; Caloocan City, Philippines; Pasay, Philippines; Quezon City, Philippines; Seongnam-si, South Korea; Istanbul, Turkey; Huyton, United Kingdom; Middleton, United Kingdom; Aliso Viejo, California; Penryn, California; Westminster, California; Darien, Connecticut; Cooper City, Florida; South Portland Gardens, Maine; Great Falls, Montana; Kew Gardens Hills, New York; Utica, New York; Sand Springs, Oklahoma; Eugene, Oregon; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Colbert, Washington; and Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin.

Thank you for listening.

UPDATE: We are down to two U.S. states who haven’t downloaded an episode yet. You know who you are (Mississippi and North Dakota.) A big thank you to Great Falls, Montana.

Welcome to our neighborhood!

Niche Popularity

Once upon a time someone told us that Restless Shores may garner a “niche” following.

You, our fans, had proven otherwise.

Thank you. It is you who have made us a world-wide phenomenon. You found us and are continuing to download us at exponentially increasing rates. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Many of you are requesting more frequent downloads and we would love to bring them to you. If you would like to help us do that, it’s wicked easy. Go to iTunes and leave a five-star review. If you have a few extra seconds, leave a written review. We have noticed that many of our characters are campaigning to become the fan favorite. (We hear Milton is really mad.) So, if you are able to help us with a written review, maybe you could take the time to tell us who your favorite character is.

Again, thank you for propelling us light years beyond “niche popularity.”


It’s true. We’re taking a few moments to celebrate our success.

This time last year, we had decided to go against all the business advice that we had been receiving. We had hired a writer, hoped that we were buying the right microphones, and were interviewing actors like crazy. It’s not that we hadn’t heard what these well-informed business advisors were saying to us, we just believed in this project.

The business advisors that we had sought out understood some things that last year at this time we did not.

  • We weren’t experienced businesspeople.
  • We didn’t have any familiarity with podcasting.
  • We didn’t have the financial backing for a startup.
  • We had never managed employees as business owners.
  • The market was flooded with podcasters.
  • Soap operas are a dying entertainment venue. We were told that we shouldn’t even use the term ‘soap opera’ to describe the project.

All true. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing. Our younger friends all thought we were too old to understand social media and podcasting. All we had was our belief in Restless Shores.

Turns out:

  • We managed to get it up and running and have been successfully dropping an episode a week.
  • We figured out podcasting.
  • We paid for it out of our own pockets.
  • We have some unbelievable actors and an award-winning writer as employees.
  • Our iTunes chart says it all as far as our ability to compete with other podcasts.
  • It turns out that people aren’t turned off by the term ‘soap opera’ and are listening in droves on an international level.
  • And, we’re having a great time creating fifteen minutes of scandal, intrigue and salaciousness one episode at a time.

All we can say after the last 11 months of operation is — SURPRISE!