We broke into the top 100

Yep. We did. In ten months.

On November 5, 2019, we hit a rating of 84 in the US Apple Podcast category of Performing Arts and Entertainment. We anticipate crossing 10,000 downloads this weekend.

Thank you to our fans — those of you who listen to us, leave reviews, donate on Patreon, and tell your friends about us. It is our fans that have gotten us here. I wish I could shake every one of your hands for helping us achieve what we have.

We love making each episode of Restless Shores and bringing it to you every week. Please help us continue this drive to the goal by leaving a five-star rating or letting us know what you think about your favorite Restless Shore character in a review.

It is because of you that we can honestly say, “Look out world, here we come!”

Thank you all so very, very much.

No, We Are The Soap Opera

Often when we talk with folks about Restless Shores, because we are a podcast, they think we talk about soap operas.

No. We are the soap opera.

We aren’t a couple of guys sitting around mics talking. We are 19 actors standing around mics acting and a sound effects guy. Oh, we also have a writer and director.

We aren’t a half-hour to an hour-long. We are fifteen minutes of action without filler.

We don’t have guests. We have cliff hangers.

We don’t have topics to discuss. We have original scripts.

We are kicking butt in the podcast sphere without big names, a marketing team, or deep pockets.

We are the soap opera. Scandal, intrigue and salaciousness fifteen minutes at a time.

Welcome to Restless Shores!

I would like to take a few moments to welcome and thank our rapidly growing community of 44 countries to Restless Shores. And as for the unknown country, it’s okay to be shy.

For those who haven’t moved in yet, you are welcome to our neighborhood at any time. We are building a community not unlike the United Nations, but ours is proud to be openly dedicated to scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness — on purpose — fifteen minutes at a time. Come and join us as we walk along Restless Shores.

Algeria   Portugal   Kenya  
Australia   United Kingdom   South Africa  
Bahamas   Austria   Panama  
Fiji   Canada Germany  
France   Brazil   Sweden  
Japan   Columbia   India  
Philippines   Egypt   Indonesia  
Iran   Iraq   Ireland  
Italy   Malaysia   Mexico  
Netherlands   New Zealand   Peru  
Slovakia   South Korea   North Korea  
Argentina   Puerto Rico   Thailand  
Vietnam   Turkey   Honduras  
Taiwan   Switzerland   Unknown
Spain   United States  

You got to be where the fans are

TV Show’s Ace reported on The Young and Restless’ star, Daniel Goddard’s tweet yesterday. It seems that this popular daytime soap opera actor is no longer a part of The Young and the Restless. TV Show’s Ace goes on to report that The Young and the Restless’ rating have “tumbled” this year.

In fact, according to TV Series Finale, all the daytime soaps have dropped with General Hospital taking the biggest hit at a drop of 13.84%.

It’s not because melodramas don’t have global appeal. Restless Shores had gone from a handful of downloads a week locally when we launched in January of this year to over 120 a day globally, and that number is snowballing.

Maybe it’s the platform?

Going where no man has gone before

We can now boast of downloads on every continent except Antarctica. Every single one.

So, what is next?

Of course, we will continue to build our listener base. We want to send out a thank you to all of you who have listened to Restless Shores (especially you guys in Seoul); we could not have gotten here without you.

However, the question remains – what’s next?

We had thought it was beyond our reach, but it would just be so cool. So, like we did when we jumped into the podcast soap opera business, we are going for it even though we really are not certain how we will accomplish it.

We have already made inquiries. Don’t know if we will get any further than asking, but we are doing it. We want to be downloaded in the final frontier. After all there is a Mainer on the space station.

It would be so awesome!

Come on NASA, you know you want to.

Boy, Was I Wrong!

I’ve been telling everyone that Restless Shores has been downloaded in 24 countries. Nope. We did a data dive today.

We are in 32 countries and approximately 419 cities. We don’t know about the cities for certain because there are 31 regions that have downloads with no specific city attached to those downloads. For instance, in Maine there are 120 named locations and 182 downloads with no city indicated.

On the big map, we have moved down the east coast and up around the gulf coast (still no Mississippi downloads.) Restless Shores is a strong presence in the British Isles and is wrapping around the Mediterranean Sea. South Korea is a solid Restless Shores anchor in Asia. My mom is happy that there are downloads in Australia.

So, I admit, I was wrong, but I can’t say I feel too bad about it.

You’re Killing Me Smalls

Does anyone remember “Wakko’s 50 State Capitals” song? He listed all fifty states and their capitals to the tune of Turkey in the Straw.

Well, we’re getting close and will soon be able to use that song as an indicator of downloads for Restless Shores. We are in all the coastal states except for Mississippi, Alaska, and Hawaii. The rest of the holdouts are mostly in the middle.

The states that haven’t downloaded an episode yet (and I know that I contacted at least one newspaper in your state) are:

Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

To all those states that have supported us, I thank you. If you are reading this and know anyone in any of those holdout states that have no Restless Shores exposure, please encourage them to give us a try.

I am embarrassed to say that I have relatives in Arkansas and no downloads from there. I’m feeling the love.

We have crossed the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Time for Restless Shores to travel across the fruited plains and from sea to shining sea – without, of course, dysentery like in the Oregon Trail game.

We’re trending in Seoul

Nine months ago, not knowing what would happen, we launched Restless Shores. After all, no one else had attempted an ongoing podcast soap opera. We were the first of our kind. What did happen in that nine months humbles me and takes my breath away.

We are in 22 countries besides the U.S.  We have been downloaded 7,300 times in nearly 300 cities world wide, (we keep getting some that don’t give us a city or country, and for some reason, we don’t see towns in Spain.) The crazy thing is we have seen downloads from North Korea and Iran.

Looking at a map of cities, it is clear that after nine months of broadcasting, we are lighting up the east coast like a Christmas Tree from Anson, Maine, to Miami, Florida. We have listeners populating the gulf coast and in California (both north and south) and Washington State. Over the past three weeks, we have seen Asia go from zero downloads to blooming from Japan to New Delhi, India. Seoul, South Korea, is pulling six percent of our downloads; more than Portland, Maine.

And we record in a living room in, of all places, West Bath, Maine.

WOOT! 5,005

Yep. We just crossed 5,000 downloads.

Thank you to all our fans for getting us to this benchmark. My personal thank you to our cast and crew. Well done.