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Are you interested?

Are you interested in soap operas? What about big pharmaceutical corporate intrigue? Don’t have a lot of time? Are you dying to know who is the father of Rhonda’s baby –  Milton Roupp or mysterious and exotic Miguel Rios? Then you want Restless Shores. The first of its kind, Restless Shores is an ongoing serialized drama surrounding the Roupp family and the pharmaceutical company they own. Our actors tell us that someone else is casting for a podcast soap, so the idea is catching on.

We expected to have baby boomers be the demographic lead in listeners. The metrics surprise has been it is millennials. A generation that probably didn’t grow up watching soaps with their moms is our largest demographic block. Just goes to show, melodrama is still a popular entertainment venue across the generations.

Want to know more?

Lots of folks do.

Our listener base is growing. We started on January 15, 2019, and already have 3,200+ downloads. We have had 200 downloads in just the past five days. That’s in not quite six months of a once a week drop. Also, we have enjoyed listeners in over 11 countries (one is unlisted – we think North Korea) and more than 150 cities.

Are you interested in reaching our fan base?

Get your product or service in front of a fan base that is multigenerational. Contact us at for rates and available slots. Remember with Restless Shores you can place your ad in any episode because we keep getting new listeners. Our first episode has over 300 downloads and grows larger every day.

Who are we?

Restless Shores is a production of New Meadows Media and the brainchild of the owner, Marsha Hinton. We are located in (of all places) West Bath, Maine. Marsha came up with the idea for a podcast soap opera, the initial characters, location, and starter plot lines. Those threads have been expertly picked up by the lead writer, Greg Tulonen who continues to baffle the fans (and actors) with his juicy plot twists. We employ an acting troupe of 17 who are directed by Thom Hinton.

They love us!

In the short time we have been broadcasting, we have had two newspaper articles (one above the fold and continuing on the back page of that section), one radio interview, one podcast interview, and one television interview. Not too shabby.

We are the first.

Yep. We are. Sure, there are podcasts out there. There are even fictional drama podcasts out there. But no ongoing serialized programs. Restless Shores is a soap opera. There will always be more story to tell, and the potential for shenanigans in the Roupp family are endless.

Check out our fantastic cast and crew.

In the beginning, when we ran the ad for voice actors for a podcast, we didn’t know who (if anyone) would respond. In fact, at one coffee shop, they hung our help wanted flyer in their bathroom and at another, they hung it between the bathrooms.

The response was overwhelming; over 100 applicants. From that group we formed the core characters. Stand up comedians to professional wrestlers this eclectic group breathed life into Restless Shores in a way we had not even imagined. Our troupe includes teachers, professors, retirees, theater performers, musicians, college students, artists, and professional baseball scorers.

It’s a hoot.

How can it not be? It is a soap opera. Even dead people can be rebooted in the twisted storyline. Running between 10 and 15 minutes for each episode, we cut through the filler and get right to the essential bits. It’s perfect for listening on the commute home, calming that fussy baby at 3 a.m., or binging at work (don’t get caught.) Scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness fifteen minutes at a time.

Want to know more? You know you do.

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