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Marla Cukor

Marla Cukor, a creative consultant at Restless Shores, is a professional screenwriter who has collaborated on hundreds of media projects ranging from TV pilots, book-to-screen adaptions, to produced feature films. She began her career as an entertainment journalist, and spent over 10 years as the senior editor of Soap Opera Update. During this time, when she wasn’t interviewing daytime celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Susan Lucci, Lisa Rinna, Sarah Michelle Gellar – she spent several hours a day watching daytime soaps, studying storylines, and writing spec episodes for the shows. In the process, she learned the daytime business inside and out, and transitioned to a career as a screenwriter. Fun fact: While she has yet to receive a Daytime Emmy for her work, Ms. Cukor did have the honor of attending the Daytime Emmy’s awards ceremony for 12 years in a row, and once, she even sat next to Oprah during a long commercial break. View more on her website at

Sally Kent

Besides being a laugh model and knitting tractor cozies, Sally pulls double duty as the voice of Lorna Roupp as well as extending her comedic writing talents to Restless Shores.

Jean Phillips

Educator, drama instructor, and director, Jean adds flare to our writing team.

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