Restless Characters

Milton Roupp

Milton is the head of Roupp Pharmaceuticals. Milton built the company from the obscure start his father had made into one that is respected in the pharmaceutical community. Milton is a power player. He is not above corporate espionage, cutthroat business dealings, underhanded manipulation, using people, and bullying to get what he wants.

Milton does have one weakness, however. Milton is obsessed with passing the business onto a blood heir. 

Lorna Roupp

Lorna was one of society’s most appealing debutantes. It was the brash and rough around the edges Milton Roupp that won her hand. It took just a few months for Lorna to realize that she had entered a loveless marriage with a megalomaniac. Despite Lorna’s demure outward appearance, however, she was not the clueless fool that Milton thought she was. Lorna established a secret life of her own. She very publicly purchased a small cosmetic company which, with the help of her parents, she used to hide a complex series of shell companies.

Uriah Roupp

When Milton, through his lawyers, present his grandson Uriah with a full ride to an ivy league college, Uriah jumped at the chance. Because of his long association with academia, Uriah was able to stay in the top quarter of his class and still live the life of a party boy.

Pursuing the career that Milton wanted, a path towards an MBA, was not unappealing to Uriah. He was surprised when his grandfather did not come to watch him receive his bachelor’s degree or send any acknowledgment of his accomplishment. It was even more surprising when Uriah received a communication from the attorney the day after graduation ordering his appearance at Roupp Pharmaceuticals the next day.

Rhonda Weppler

Rhonda is stunning, seductive and intelligent. Heads have always turned when she entered a room. At an early age, she learned how to use that to gain her ends. Seduction has always been a game for Rhonda who enjoys going into bars and sporting events to hunt for prey. Eventually, according to her plan, she became the mistress of Milton Roupp. Her goal was to displace Lorna and thereby inherit Roupp Pharmaceuticals as the wife of Milton. Milton uses Rhonda without being controlled by her. That makes the game more challenging for Rhonda and somewhat mitigates having to have sex with a much older man.

Elise Geltz

Guileless and brave, Elise moved from her parent’s farm to attend the nearest beauty school. She stayed in Gamote Point after graduation working at the premier beauty shop to get enough work to pay off her student loan, but her plan ultimately is to open a shop in the little town she grew up in. She is somewhat uncomfortable living in such a large city and looks forward to the day when she can go home to a calmer, friendlier environment. Because of her discomfort, she fills her time with volunteer activities to avoid “going out” with co-workers to clubs and weekend drinking events. 

Miguel Rios

Miguel is a newcomer to Gamote Point. He is the son of a Guatemalan girl brought across the southwestern border and sold as a sex slave. Pregnant, she escaped and found sanctuary on an Indian reservation.

Mysterious with an air of danger about him, Miguel is nonetheless charming and very attractive. He decided he wanted to see the world and ended up at Gamote Point where he got a job as a bartender at Distractions 

Regina Miranda

Regina Miranda, is the sexy, tough-as-nails manager of Distractions, a working-class Gamote Point bar secretly owned (through shell companies) by Lorna Roupp.  She serves as Lorna’s eyes an ears, picking up and passing along vital information she comes across at the bar. She’s also an accomplished thief/safecracker, and Lorna utilizes those skills as well when she needs to engage in some corporate espionage.

Barbara Ross

Barbara Ross is an FDA investigator.  Diligent, methodical, humorless, and she has difficulty reading social cues or detecting jokes or sarcasm. A worst-case scenario for Roupp Pharmaceuticals.

Magnus Carlisle

Dr. Magnus Carlisle was dazzled by Milton’s promise of unlimited funds and the freedom to work unhindered. He had a crisis of conscience regarding the illegal and unethical lines of research and revealed the existence of the laboratory to Lorna Roupp, who engineered the escape of the human test subjects from the secret laboratory. Carlisle became Lorna’s personal physician.

Agnes Brody

Agnes Brody is the chief of police of Gamote Point.  A brilliant detective, she rose through the ranks, overcoming the rampant sexism baked into police politics, eventually take on the Chief position.  Unlike previous police chiefs, who preferred to lead from behind their desks, Brody prefers to lead from the field, keeping her hand in high-profile investigations and personally visiting most major crime scenes.

Larry Donovan

Larry Donovan is an executive at Roupp Pharmaceuticals. In the R&D department, Larry is in charge of developing new medications and fast-tracking them for distribution.  He’s not above cutting a few corners or fudging a few clinical trial results in the name of expediency. He’s a fast talker and a glad-hander, and under no circumstances should he ever be trusted.  If it’s in his best interests, he will almost certainly stab you in the back.

Leon Renard

Leon Renard is an art dealer based out of Boston. He exudes wealth and entitlement, disguising his working-class roots and sometimes less-than-ethical business practices.  He’s not above bending (and outright breaking) the law if it profits him, dodging import taxes, commissioning art theft, and selling forged works. Unfortunately, he decided to swindle Lorna Roupp.

Buddy Price

Buddy Price works the loading dock at Roupp Pharmaceuticals.  A high school football star, Buddy’s glory days are long behind him. A loudmouth and a bully, Buddy spends his off-hours drinking heavily, harassing women, and picking fights.  A while back, he had a one-night stand with Rhonda Weppler. She soon moved on, but he continues to pester her whenever he sees her, hoping for a repeat performance.

Beth Lindell

Beth Lindell is a public defender for the county court system in Gamote Point.  Overloaded with clients, most of whom are guilty as sin, Beth has developed a thick skin and a jaded demeanor, slogging her way through the bureaucracy of the courts day after day.  

John Carlisle (a.k.a. “Mystery Man”)

John was raised by Mangus Carlisle. Mangus fell deeply in love with one of the test subjects in Milton’s secret facility. Mangus delivered the baby himself, and the mother died in childbirth. He raised the child as his own, but he kept him a secret.

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