Rhonda Weppler

Rhonda is stunning, seductive and intelligent. Heads have always turned when she entered a room. At an early age, she learned how to use that to gain her ends. Seduction has always been a game for Rhonda who enjoys going into bars and sporting events to hunt for prey.

Coming from working-class roots, she put herself through school and continues to work toward a doctorate in finance. She ended up working at Roupp Pharmaceuticals as an intern while in college. She perfectly balances the perceived dichotomy of physical attractiveness with consummate professionalism.

Eventually, according to her plan, she became the mistress of Milton Roupp. Her goal was to displace Lorna and thereby inherit Roupp Pharmaceuticals as the wife of Milton. Milton uses Rhonda without being controlled by her. That makes the game more challenging for Rhonda and somewhat mitigates having to have sex with a much older man.

When Milton reached out to Uriah, Rhonda found herself being all but forced by Milton to seduce Uriah so that Milton could maintain control over him. When Milton insisted that she control Uriah through any means and “demoted” her to an “administrative assistant,” Rhonda was not happy. When the youthful Uriah turned out to be attractive in complete contrast to Milton, Rhonda’s plans for acquiring the company began to change.

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