Uriah Roupp

Uriah was raised in academia and on various dig sites. While his father Harlan enjoyed the respect of his community, he did not have a great deal of money. Harlan was certain that he would be able to get Uriah into a respected university, but Uriah would have to work to provide spending money for himself. When Uriah was presented with the prospect of a full ride to an Ivy League college with a hefty allowance, he jumped at the chance.

Harlan warned his son about taking anything from his grandfather, but Uriah was too dazzled by the unbelievable offer to heed his father’s warning. Because of his long association with academia, Uriah was able to stay in the top quarter of his class and still live the life of a party boy.

Pursuing the career that Milton wanted, a path towards an MBA, was not unappealing to Uriah. Uriah only communicated with his grandfather through an attorney. Still, Uriah was surprised when his grandfather did not come to watch him receive his bachelor’s degree or send any acknowledgment of his accomplishment. It was even more surprising when Uriah received a communication from the attorney the day after graduation ordering his appearance at Roupp Pharmaceuticals the next day.

Unprepared, Uriah found himself forced into the position of CFO of Roupp Pharamaceuticals.

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