Five days 1,000 downloads

30,000 on Thursday, 31,000 on Tuesday. My since thanks to the writer, cast, and crew for adapting, improvising, and overcoming to make this soap opera work.

Someone in Ansonia, Connecticut and Paragould, Arkansas loves us.

Welcome to –

Hastings, Australia; Vanier, Canada; Southall, England; Pasadena, California; Porterville, California; Simi Valley, California; Ansonia, Connecticut; Dover, Delaware; Mansfield, Georgia; Garland, Maine; Framingham Center, Massachusetts; Anoka, Minnesota; Spring Valley, Nevada; East Brunswick, New Jersey; Lawnside, New Jersey; Cypress Hills, New York; Mansfield, Ohio; Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania; Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; Warwick, Rhode Island; and Alice, Texas.


Ansonia, Connecticut — 188

Paragould, Arkansas — 122

Washington, Virginia — 58

Apex, North Carolina — 52

Manhattan, New York — 33

Windham Center, Maine — 31

Lewiston, Maine — 28

Alice, Texas — 28

Riverside, California — 24

Freeport, Maine — 22

Warwick, Rhode Island — 22

Brunswick, Maine — 21

Taunton, Massachusetts — 18

Charlotte, North Carolina — 16

Kents Hill, Maine — 10

Not good with numbers

Being mathematically challenged brings a host of difficulties. We find we try to avoid anything that looks like math. When people start talking math, our brain seizes up. Forget trying to understand negative numbers and fractions.

However, last week, we were paying close attention to the numbers.

On July 30 we broke 30,000 downloads and our first episode passed 1,600 downloads. On August 1, we were downloaded in more than 1,500 cities worldwide.

Those are some numbers we can wrap our numerically impaired brains around.

Oh, we realize that there are podcasts out there that can boast larger numbers. It’s okay because at one point, they were where we are now. We fully expect to get to where they are soon.


Waking up this morning and seeing this number was a gift. We are excited to hit this benchmark. During the COVID crisis, like many other business, we took a hit. Like many others we had concerns about our future. We know compared to the millions of downloads other podcast have 30,000 may not seem like a huge deal. For us it is. While most of the world will go about their daily lives today, here at New Meadows Media we will be celebrating.

Welcome to

Rauma, Finland; Bartley Green, England; Opelika, Alabama; Paragould, Arkansas; Costa Mesa, California; Conway, New Hampshire; Beachwood, Ohio; Cleveland, Tennessee; Wolf Trap, Virginia; and Cathlamet, Washington.


Asbury Park, New Jersey – 77

Montréal, Canada – 60

Columbus, Ohio – 47

Kingfield, Maine – 36

Baltimore, Maryland – 34

Kents Hill, Maine – 20

Brunswick, Maine – 19

Warren, Maine – 15

Lewiston, Maine – 13

Washington, Virginia – 13

Doha, Qatar – 11

Atlanta, Georgia – 10

Physical Distancing Friendly AND Entertaining

You can be anywhere enjoying Restless Shores even while wearing your mask.

You have been steadily downloading episodes of Restless Shores despite COVID and social unrest, and we are grateful. We admit we are a little lonely out here in the podcast ‘verse. It’s not like we can hear the applause of our fans.

Share your feedback with us – which by the way, you can do and still stay safe. We loved hearing from the fan who had to know what was going on with Miguel’s bracelet or the one who enjoyed the addition of a psychic. Or the fellow who calls his great aunt once a week to play her the latest episode over the phone so she could enjoy it (she’s a huge fan.) We love hearing those things. It lets us know that we’re continuing to entertain you and gets your plot ideas to our writer. Please keep sharing with us.

Give us a shout out on Facebook or, if you have the time, leave a written review on iTunes. Stay safe and listen to the scandal, intrigue and salaciousness waiting for you on Restless Shores.

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Restless Shores: A Podcast Soap Opera

Customer Reviews 4.8 out of 5


Love it but… Love this story but the music is terrible and the episodes are short. But, Please do not stop.


Love Restless Shores!! I am completely sucked in!! I have been binge listening all weekend. The characters are great and the twists and turns are fabulous!!!


Addictive in a good way Love listening to it every Friday. Lorna Roupp is my favorite character.


So fun! I’m hooked! Love listening!

Moms favorite!

Amazing!! I love the show! Keep it up. My favorite is Harlan the archeologists

Fly Fishing Simplified

It gets you hooked Listen to the first two episodes and then try to stop listening. It isn’t possible. Great show really enjoying it.

claudette mcmurrin

Hmmmm getting hot On my third episode and I’m hooked


Can’t wait for more! I’m already hooked, excited to hear the next episode!


So original! I cannot wait for the next episodes! The suspense is killing me. Love love love the characters.


Scandalous!!! I wish the music at the beginning of the episodes wasn’t so long. Other than that, I love it!

Stevie in Maine

Intriguing story Oh, dastardly things are happening in Gamote Point! Milton, Rhonda and Uriah are creating a web of blackmail and intrigue. Wonder where this will go???

Lion boo

Oooo the drama Ugh I love the billionaire intrigue. Let’s keep up the good story! 😍😍😍 I’m hooked.

Northeastern Scott

Interesting to see where this goes Intrigued by this and will look forward to other episodes!

Welcome to Hungary and Qatar!

Kelowna, Canada; Budapest, Hungary; Utrecht, Netherlands; Manatí, Puerto Rico; Doha, Qatar; Hesperia, California; La Mesa, California; Lawrenceville, Georgia; Vidalia, Georgia; Round Lake Beach, Illinois; Williamsburg, Iowa; Dodge City, Kansas; Edina, Minnesota; Ivanhoe, Minnesota; Tallmadge, Ohio; Grand Saline, Texas; and Swanton, Vermont.

Movers and Shakers

Chicago, Illinois, — 73

Columbus, Ohio, — 42

Brunswick, Maine, — 25

Portland, Maine, — 21

Lewiston, Maine, — 18

Welcome to

Brasília, Brazil; Westport, Canada; Sherwood, Arkansas; Kuna, Idaho; Lake Villa, Illinois; Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Pontiac, Michigan; Deering, New Hampshire; Grantham, New Hampshire; Rumney, New Hampshire; Beach Haven, New Jersey; Harrison, New Jersey; Apex, North Carolina; Marion, Ohio; West Salem, Ohio; Tyler, Texas; Max Meadows, Virginia; and Cottage Lake, Washington.

Last Week’s Top Downloaders

West Salem, Ohio — 74

Apex, North Carolina ­­­– 68

Brunswick, Maine — 37

Lewiston, Maine — 21

North Vancouver, Canada — 17

Grand Rapids, Michigan — 13

Portland, Maine — 11

Melbourne, Australia — 10

Werribee South, Australia — 10

Hooray! North Vancouver, Canada!

Welcome to:

Neuilly-sur-seine, France; Aachen, Germany; Ahvaz, Iran; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Belle Plaine, Iowa; Yarmouth, Massachusetts; Clare, Michigan; Roseville, Minnesota; Bayboro, North Carolina; Lancaster, Ohio; Mason, Ohio; Pearland, Texas; Kirkland, Washington; Maple Valley, Washington; and Howard, Wisconsin.

Top Downloaders for last week.

North Vancouver, Canada – 64.

Dallas, Texas, United States – 26.

Werribee South, Australia – 22.

Manhattan, New York, — 18.

Brunswick, Maine, — 12.

Nobleboro, Maine, —  9.

Sheffield, England, — 5.

Indianapolis, Indiana, — 5.

Lewiston, Maine, — 5.

Irving, Texas, — 5.

50/70 and Welcome to North Dakota

Three is indeed a magic number.

This week we had three significant events.

  1. We finally had some downloads in North Dakota! HOORAY!
  2. All 70 of the episodes (and the teaser) we have posted have at least one download!
  3. We can say we are nationwide because we have downloaded episodes in all fifty United States.

Welcome to

Balwyn, Australia, Sandown Village, Australia; Werribee South, Australia; Vernon, Canada; Lahti, Finland; Babol, Iran; Shipley, England; Birmingham, Alabama; Arcata, California; Ceres, California; Mcdonough, Georgia; East Falmouth, Massachusetts; Eveleth, Minnesota; Columbus, Mississippi; La Vista, Nebraska; Henniker, New Hampshire; Cedar Crest, New Mexico; West Fargo, North Dakota; Newark, Ohio; Perrysburg, Ohio; Tulsa, Oklahoma; East Providence; Grand Prairie, Texas; and Mineola, Texas.

Top Downloaders for last week

Leicester, England, 67

Brunswick, Maine, 34

Dallas, Texas, 20

La Vista, Nebraska, 18

Columbus, Ohio, 15

Augusta, Maine, 13

Portland, Maine, 12

Asbury Park, New Jersey, 12

Haltom City, Texas, 11

Balwyn, Australia, 10

Moorhead, Minnesota, 10

West Fargo, North Dakota, 10